Gates of the City

Raising Leaders For the Coming Harvest!

Gates of the City is the annual leadership conference of the Tree of Life Family. It is a powerful conference that will inspire you to dream big, challenge you to live your dreams and help you be the leader you have always dreamed of being.

This conference is open to all, whether in formal leadership positions or not. Children are welcome however there is no children's ministry or creche facilities.


Gates of the City 2019 is subtitled "Counting Stars", and our keynote speaker is our own Benjamin Conway, who will be sharing about how to dream big, how to focus on that dream, and how to keep dreaming under pressure until those dreams become reality.

Gates of the City 2019 starts on Wednesday evening, 20th February, and ends on Saturday afternoon 23rd February.

Gates of the City 2019 will be at Kingsley Hall, Parsloes Avenue, Dagenham.


Wed 20th 7pm

Thu 21st 10am, 3pm, 7pm

Fri 22nd 10am, 3pm, 7pm

Sat 23rd 10am


Session 1 - Big Means Big - Ben Conway
Session 2 - Dealing with Fear - Ben Conway
Session 3 - Restoration - Lee Collingwood
Session 4 - Remember Lots Wife - Ben Conway
Session 5 - Using Your Imagination - Ben Conway
Session 6 - Dreamers - Richard Waller
Session 7 - Setting Goals - Ben Conway
Session 8 - Gods Plan - Amanda Conway
Session 9 - Moving Forward not Backwards - Ben Conway
Session 10 - Psalm 112 - Ben Conway