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Grace Preachers' Conference 2024

Equipping you to minister more effectively



There is a powerful wave flowing through the church in the UK and Europe right now, and it is a wave of grace. People are learning that God's love is unconditional, His mercy is limitless and His goodness never ends. All church leaders need to learn to be more effective in communicating that grace.

ln ministry, and others in the church too, is learning how to preach effectively. At the Tree of Life Family, we believe in lifelong learning for every pastor and minister, which is why we are hosting a conference for all preachers right here in the UK to help you grow and to encourage and build you up. And it is going to be powerful, and you are welcome!

We are going to have our second ever Grace Preachers conference in 2024. It is going to be very powerful.


One of the things that people fail to understand properly is how to preach about money. One side of the ditch is people using legalism and fear and guilt to raise offerings, the other side of the ditch is to ignore the topic and close your eyes and hope people give generously.

Benjamin Conway has a wealth of experience raising money and talking about money from a grace perspective, and will show you how to raise offerings, how to preach on finances, and why it is urgent that we must discuss the topic of money. He has penned "the Prosperity Book", a teaching on how to prosper, and every attendee will get a free copy of this book.


When-Thursday, 17 October 7:30pm to Saturday, 19 October 2024 1:00pm

Where-Stifford Hall Hotel, High Rd, North Stifford, Grays RM16 5UE


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