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Small Groups

Go Deep, Go Wide


One of the greatest things about Tree of Life Family is our growth. We are a growing family of growing churches, with new churches and new Grace Gatherings starting all the time. But as we grow, sometimes it can be a little too easy to get lost in the crowd and become a number rather than a name. To stop that happening and to make sure there are always places in the Tree of Life Family that you can go deeper in the Word, build deeper friendships, make new friends and learn new things together, we have five different kinds of small groups for you across our churches.

Living Churches: Our main kind of small group at Tree of Life is our Living Church. They meet weekly in people's homes (or during the current situation on Zoom) and they get a little bit of everything in there. We hang out together, pray for each other, worship God together, study the Bible together. We make new friends. If anyone in Tree of Life Family said to me they want to take Jesus more seriously and grow in their faith, my first recommendation would always be a Living Church. That is where we meet in small groups and do church! You can find out about our Living Churches on this page.

Discipleship Groups: Discipleship Groups exist so we can study the Word more, taking the time to get in-depth into a particular topic. These normally have a specific start and finish time, and meet weekly or monthly.

Fellowship Groups: Fellowship Groups are so people can have fellowship with people in a similar stage of life as themselves. We currently have a men's fellowship, a woman's fellowship, a Young at Heart group, a married men group, a prayer group for ladies, among others.

Care Groups: Care groups are for people who need a little bit of extra help in a particular area of life. Maybe it might be parenting small children, getting out of debt, dealing with bereavement, or dealing with an addiction. These groups can help you when you need a little extra help.

Social Groups: these are groups built around a hobby or activity, they meet together to enjoy the activity with people who are similar minded, or to try something new in a safe environment. We currently have a weekly quiz night, a cookery class, and a few more exciting things in the pipeline!


You can sign up for some of our groups below. Right now, nearly all our groups are online. Note: if a group is on Zoom, signing up here gives you the Zoom link. You still must also register for the Zoom meeting. Signing up here enables us to communicate with you.

To sign up for a Living Church, click here.