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Witchcraft in the Church

How To Live Life Free from the Control of Others

Witchcraft in the Church Message Series

Most people when they hear the phrase witchcraft consider an old lady with a wart on her nose, a broomstick and a cauldron. That might make a great story, but it is not what the Bible means when it mentions the word "witchcraft". Witchcraft is the ungodly attempt to manipulate or intimidate another human being to get what you want out of them.

It happens all over the world, and it happens in the church. This series will help you ground your life, realize that you are righteous by faith alone and immunize yourself from other people seeking to control and use you for their ends.

WITCHCRAFT DEFINED - week 1 - witchcraft in the church

In this introductory message, Benjamin defines witchcraft just from the Bible and uses some down to earth illustrations to show exactly how witchcraft works and how even Jesus had to deal with people trying to manipulate and intimidate him.

Witchcraft Defined

WITCHCRAFT IN THE CHURCH - week 2 - witchcraft in the church

Jesus loved the church at Thyratira. He thought they were an awesome bunch - full of love, full of good works and faith. But He had a problem with them: they let a certain individual teach and seduce people from walking with God. Benjamin shows the qualities of people who invade churches and try and stop you enjoying a free walk with God. This message has impacted many people when it was preached - and it will impact you!

Witchcraft in the Church

prophetic witchcraft - WEEK 3 - witchcraft in the church

In a continuation from last week's message, Benjamin shows how important it is that you know that you can hear God from yourself. He explains that a lot of prophetic ministry in the church has become corrupted and polluted and teaches how to avoid that from happening in your life. This will show you that the Christian life is a process not an experience and teach you how to move forward into your destiny step by step by step by step.

Prophetic Witchcraft


Here is a fact: often in the church the biggest witch in the church is the pastor. In this funny but hard hitting message, Benjamin teaches on what is legitimate authority for a pastor and elder, and what is illegitimate authority. If you have ever been concerned about how a pastor is acting, the answers are found in the Bible. 

Witchcraft in the Pulpit


Some people only pray when they feel scared not to, or out of guilt. Other people try and use guilt when they pray to manipulate God into doing their will. Prayer isn't a duty or a chore, prayer is a relationship with the most gracious and wonderful Person ever. In this message, Benjamin shows how he learned how to develop in prayer and develop a relationship with God free from fear or guilt or obligation.

Witchcraft at Prayer