Grace Gatherings

The Starting Point For A Wave of Church Planting Across This Nation!

Grace Gatherings

Grace Gatherings are monthly meetings where we talk about the grace of Jesus Christ and heal the sick. They are the first stage of starting a new church in the area as they let us meet people who are interested in God and His love, and in being part of a new church like ours.


Grace Gathering Cambridge meets on the third Saturday of the month, at 7pm.

Grace Gathering Trimley meets on the fourth Saturday of the month, at 7pm.

Grace Gathering Bournemouth meets on the fourth Sunday of the month, at 6.30pm.

Grace Gathering Nuneaton will begin on the third Saturday of January, at 6pm.


Grace Gathering Bournemouth meets in The Green House Hotel, 4 Grove Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 3AX (NOTICE NEW LOCATION!)

Grace Gathering Cambridge meets in Coton Village Hall, 56 High St, Cambridge CB23 7PL

Grace Gathering Trimley meets in Trimley Memorial Hall, Trimley St Martin, Felixstowe IP11 0RJ

Grace Gathering Nuneaton meets in Stockingford Community Centre, Haunchwood Road, Nuneaton, CV10 8DY


Ben Conway

Ben Conway is responsible for the Grace Gatherings. The apostolic call on his life gives him great wisdom on how to ensure these meetings are balanced, honour God, and are preparing people for the challenges and the joy of being involved in local church.


Grace Gathering Cambridge next meets at Coton Village Hall, on Sunday 18th November at 6pm

Grace Gathering Trimley next meets at Trimley Memorial Hall, on Saturday 24th November, at 7pm

Grace Gathering Bournemouth will next meet at The Green House Hotel at Sunday 2nd December, at 5.30pm (NOTICE DATE AND TIME CHANGE FOR CHRISTMAS)

Grace Gathering Nuneation will launch on Saturday 19th January, at 6pm, at Stockingford Community Centre.


Our Grace Gatherings are all going to become churches!

The second phase to the monthly meetings is the weekly Living Church. In those meetings we will fellowship, worship the Lord, study the Word, and pray for and love one another.

Then the third phase is to launch the church with a three day "Jesus Wants You Well" conference with healings and miracles. This will be advertised widely and truly make an impact in the local community.

We are currently looking at Milton Keynes and Stafford as places for future Grace Gatherings. If you are from these areas, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.